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by:NJPE     2020-01-26
According to the different materials and requirements of precision molds, the specific processing technology and the processing equipment used are also different. Therefore, for a precision mold manufacturer with sufficient strength, processing equipment configuration is also one of the concrete manifestations of hard strength. NJPE will explain some common precision mold processing technologies and equipment. I. Milling of large CNC equipment 1. Travel of high-speed graphite Makino precision graphite CNC (mm) Up to 650*500*450, the maximum load of the Workbench is (KG)650. 2. Precision vertical CNC precision vertical CNC ( Full Series: V33i, V56i, V99L, V77, V77L, F5, YCM-TV146B, YCM-TV158B) , V33i, V56i, F5 machine tools are equipped with 30000-turn spindle, and the position efficiency of processing ribs and other small areas is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary machine tools. 3. Makino A100E Makino A100E, there are only 2 sets and 2 worktables in mainland China. The double worktables of the machine tool can be automatically switched without stopping. There are 302 ATC tool Magazine positions and more than 300 standard tool magazines, fully automated processing can be realized. 4. Five-axis gantry CNC Toshiba five-axis gantry CNC can realize 32-axis machining, the maximum pendulum angle range of A axis is 30, and C axis can realize 360 rotation, the maximum processing stroke of Y axis is 3 m, mainly for the processing of large and deep cavity parts (Such as lamp mold parts). 5. Large horizontal CNC has a high-speed spindle with a rotating speed of 15000r/min. Its high-speed and high-precision performance is the standard feature of Makino horizontal machining center. It has a Makino thermal stabilizer device, it can keep the constant temperature in the workpiece processing and improve the processing precision. It has a B- axis indexing table, which can realize 3 1-axis processing and one-time clamping to realize multi-surface processing; Second, EDM double-head Spark Machine, TURBO 2500CNC, can shorten EDM processing time by more than 50% for processing large automobile mold parts. Three, grinding machine processing precision grinding machine surface grinding machine, Japan imported equipment, processing accuracy can reach 0. 001. Precision Grinding Machine internal and external cylindrical grinding machine equipment imported from Japan, coaxial degree reached 0. 002, the surface finish can reach RA0. 05. Four, three-coordinate measurement 1, IPQC detection IPQC Zeiss three-coordinate series, CONTURA G2 776 RDS, CONTURA G2 10216 RDS, can measure curved surface, accuracy 1. 8 μ m. 2. FQC detects Zeiss's full series of three coordinates: CONTURA G2 776 RDS, CONTURA G2 10126 RDS, CONTURA G2 10216 RDS, which can measure curved surfaces with accuracy of 1. 8 μ m; Image measuring instrument: VMS- 6060 H, X/Y/Z Digital Display resolution: 0. 5 μ m; Coordinate Measuring instrument: Quick View 300 s cnc, digital display accuracy: 0. 0001mm; Cylindricity measuring machine: RONDCOM41C, digital display accuracy: 0. 0001mm; Surface roughness profile shape measuring machine: SURFCOM1800D-12, accuracy: 0. 0002mm; Image dimension measuring instrument: IM-6010, accuracy: 0. 010mm. In addition, NJPE also has cutting processing, CNC lathes, speed clamping positioning systems and other top precision mold processing equipment. For details, please click on the online customer service consultation to ask for a list of equipment! NJPE has the technology and equipment of a complete set of solutions for precision injection molding and precision stamping products, providing one-stop services for customer product projects. You are welcome to call or consult the online customer service on the right, NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE mold cost control skills reveal how NJPE precision mold prevents heat treatment deformation?
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