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by:NJPE     2020-01-25
In the current era, people have a very good vision for intelligent manufacturing, because the many scenes it describes, such as 'unmanned factories' and 'machine substitution', are in line with the current saturation of various industries, the need to seek new profit growth points. Especially in the industrial field, it has become the pursuit of every enterprise to achieve more efficient management and more automated production of the entire production process through industrial software. The EDM process of NJPE manufacturing department in the early stage was still unable to meet the requirements of automatic production in terms of design and processing site. I was worried about the confirmation of processing conditions such as manual input of coordinate number, Z fixture height, tool magazine number, processing parameters, etc, even the identity of the electrode needs to be identified artificially, which brings many adverse effects to the production. For example, if the wrong electrode is used for processing, multiple workpieces cannot be processed continuously, and the workpieces can only be processed in the direction indicated by the drawing, if you want to adjust the position to a favorable processing position, you need to calculate the coordinate position, etc. Combined with many years of processing experience, the secondary development of software is researched by ourselves, and the problem points in processing are gradually solved. Through 6 months, EDM automatic programming plug-in is developed through repeated verification. After the electrode designer only needs to design the electrode, the software can automatically select the electrode batch programming and automatically output the relevant processing parameters ( Loading different processing parameters according to the material of the workpiece) At the same time, it also realizes the continuous processing of multiple workpieces and multiple coordinates, and the corresponding electrodes can be detected by scanning the bar code and the total motion transfer program, thus realizing the EDM automatic production line. As a precision mould manufacturer, NJPE has not only the advantages of first-class hardware equipment, but also a team that strives for perfection. Our continuous innovation and breakthrough are only for your product quality and delivery service. You give us a trust, we give you very satisfied! We look forward to your call: or click on the right side of the consultation online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE baby carriage injection mold processing, the industry is far ahead, the international leading precision mold manufacturers how to achieve precision power through soft and hard, to create a boutique strategy
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