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by:NJPE     2020-01-28
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's mold industry, many domestic mold enterprises are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, which is the vane of China's mold development. The low-end mold products in China's current mold industry have caused excessive competition. Medium and high-end, high-precision mold products are in short supply in our country. Although China is already a big country in mold production, our technology still has a certain gap with European and American countries, and most of the high-precision end technologies are still in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises. However, there is no lack of large-scale mold companies with high precision molds in China, in the automotive, home appliances, electronics, medical and other industries. In order to improve the level of equipment and develop production capacity, various mold processing equipment and software will continue to sell in the mold market. Among them, mold CAD/CAE/CAM, CAPP, PDM, ERP and other software, as well as their integrated and intelligent information integration production technology. Looking forward to the future, more and more mould enterprises in Pearl River Delta will adopt high-tech and advanced applicable technologies, the level and technical content of moulds will be further improved, and the specialized production of moulds will continue to develop, the import and export of Precision Mold market will be further active and will continue to develop at a high speed for a long period of time. NJPE mould has 30 years of manufacturing technical experience in the field of precision moulds. At present, more than 30% of the moulds are manufactured and exported to nearly 20 countries abroad, with an annual output of more than 2000 pairs of moulds, it is a mold company jointly established by Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance and Japan's Daikin industry in 2009. Its products are distributed in the fields of automobiles, household appliances, office, electronics, communications, etc. If you want to know more about NJPE, you can click on the online customer service consultation on the right or call NJPE hotline :! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Toyota mold, look at the world's first-class level mold manufacturing is how to do? There is no free lunch in the world, and the price war will only be lost.
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