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by:NJPE     2020-01-28
1. The mechanism transformation accelerates, and the structure becomes more and more reasonable in order to adapt to the situation, the mould industry in our country has accelerated the pace of system reform and mechanism transformation in recent years, and 'three-capital' and private enterprises have already occupied the leading position in the industry, the equipment level and product level have been greatly improved, and management has made great progress. Many enterprises have applied CAD/CAM/CAE integration technology, three-dimensional design technology, information management technology such as ERP and IM3, and many high-tech technologies such as high-speed processing, rapid prototyping, virtual simulation and network technology. . More and more enterprises have passed various quality system certifications year by year. 2. Economies of scale and cluster development are developing rapidly. At the same time of continuous development of 'small and specialized' specialization, scale effect has been paid more and more attention in recent years. In addition to making the enterprise stronger and bigger and making economies of scale produce benefits, mold cluster production has also continuously shown its advantages, therefore, various cluster production forms such as 'mold city', 'mold Park' and 'mold production base' have developed rapidly throughout the country. At present, there are more than 40 enterprises with an annual output of more than 0. 1 billion yuan and more than 30 million enterprises with an annual output of more than 200 yuan. The 'Mould City (Park)'There are nearly 50. The construction of these mold gathering production bases has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's mold industry. 3. Attach importance to brand patents and strengthen innovation and research. Many enterprises have begun to realize the importance of 'brands' and 'patents', and the capital investment and ability of independent innovation have been continuously improved. For a long time, the mold has been in the 'rear' and 'passive' position, so there are few 'brands' and 'patents '. With the development of market economy, enterprises have paid more and more attention to 'brand' and 'patent' in recent years '. Some enterprises have realized the importance of innovative research and development, and the investment has increased rapidly. According to the situation learned by China Mould Industry Association, in recent years, the proportion of investment and sales revenue in innovative research and development of many enterprises has reached about 5%, and some enterprises even reached 8% to 10%. 4, high-tech is popular, mold talent shortage, mold technology content is constantly improving, more and more molds belong to high-tech products. With the development of high and new technology, more and more mold production enterprises are recognized as high-tech enterprises by relevant government departments at all levels. According to the preliminary statistics of the China model Association, there are currently 7 national high-tech enterprises in the mold industry, and nearly 100 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. The shortage of talents is increasingly prominent. Although the staff of China's mold industry has developed rapidly in recent years, it is estimated that it has reached nearly one million people, but it still cannot keep up with the development needs of the industry. First, the total amount is insufficient. Second, the quality is not enough to meet the needs of industry development. According to Luo Baihui's survey, there is a gap of 300 thousand employees in the mold industry nationwide ~ There are 500 thousand people, of which engineering and technical personnel account for about 20%. At present, there is a shortage of high-quality and high-level mold enterprise management personnel, middle and senior technical personnel and senior technical workers. 5. The foreign trade deficit is increasing and the export prospect is promising. Although China's mold industry has entered the fast lane of development, due to its precision, service life, manufacturing cycle and capability, compared with international level and advanced industrial countries, there is still a big gap, so it cannot meet the needs of China's manufacturing development. Especially in precision, large, complex and long-life molds, the supply is still in short supply. Therefore, a large amount of imports are needed every year. The dependence on foreign investment has increased year by year. It has been six years since China joined the WTO. With the rapid development of foreign trade, China's economic dependence on foreign trade has increased from 30% to 70%. At the same time, in recent years, it is a period when a large amount of foreign capital has entered our country. With the continuous expansion and deepening of the policy of opening up to the outside world, foreign investment in China's mold industry is also increasing, as a result, the dependence on foreign capital has also increased year by year. For example, Guangdong province is the largest province in China, and its production capacity accounts for about 40% of the country. In the province's mold production capacity, foreign-funded enterprises have accounted for about 60%, and joint ventures account for about 10%. The province's mold exports account for about 50% of the country's total, and foreign-funded and joint ventures also account for the majority of its exports. The dependence on foreign investment and foreign trade will have a major impact on the security of the industry and even the economic security of the entire country. 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