Precision parts processing method for multi-thread thread

by:NJPE     2020-02-06
In all kinds of precision parts processing parts, many parts have threads, which are widely used and have connections (Or fixed) It has the function of transmitting power and slowing down. Each helix of the multi-thread thread is equally distributed along the axial direction. Solving the problem of equidistant distribution is called split head (Dividing line) The equidistant error affects the meshing accuracy and service life of the thread. The multi-thread thread can move several times the pitch every time it rotates, which is mostly used in the fast mechanism. The thread formed by a spiral line is called a single thread, and the thread formed by two or more axial equidistant spiral lines is called a multi-thread thread. Thread processing on CNC lathe is also one of the commonly used processing methods. Cnc lathe processing multi-thread thread can greatly improve processing precision and production efficiency. NJPE precision senior operators explain the processing method of precision parts for multi-thread threads: general technical requirements for multi-thread threads, when processing multi-thread burst lines, it should be ensured that the distance between two adjacent teeth in the same spiral line is one lead, and the cutting depth of the two spiral lines should be the same. Second, the tip of the clamping pattern turning tool of the multi-thread turning tool shall be the same height as the workpiece axis, and the bisector of the included angle between the two cutting edges shall be perpendicular to the workpiece axis, during clamping, use thread to correct the tool setting template to avoid thread half-angle error. Three, multi-line thread turning precautions 1. When turning the second helix, the anchor point should be offset by one pitch. 2. The fit of the thread is centered by the middle diameter. Therefore, the tolerance of the middle diameter must be ensured when processing the thread. 3. The tooth angle of the grain should be correct. 4. When precision parts are processed, the surface roughness value on both sides of the thread tooth type is smaller.
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