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by:NJPE     2020-02-16
There are many problems that need to be paid attention to when large-scale mechanical processing is carried out, so before the mechanical processing personnel operate their workpieces, mechanical processing personnel should be fully aware of these problems that need attention, so as to better shorten the machining time, reduce the problems encountered in the machining process and improve the quality of workpieces. Problems needing attention in large-scale machining 1. When the workpiece is too high, different lengths of knives should be used for roughening, and then the remaining materials should be removed with a knife. 2. Flat knife should be used when processing the plane, which can effectively reduce the processing time. If there is slope and it is an integer, oblique knife should be used for processing. 3. Reverse milling should be selected for materials with high hardness for large-scale mechanical processing; For materials with low hardness, down milling should be selected; Finishing adopts reverse milling and finishing adopts forward milling. 4. Large-scale machining tools have good toughness and low hardness, and are suitable for rough machining; The tool has poor toughness and high hardness, and is suitable for finishing. Problems needing attention in clamping and fixture selection of large machined parts 1. The clamping method for machining mechanical parts should reasonably select the positioning Benchmark and clamping scheme. When we choose the benchmark, we should follow the two principles of 'benchmark unification' and 'benchmark coincidence. 2. In large-scale mechanical processing, all surface processing is completed in one positioning and clamping as much as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a positioning method that is easy for each surface of the workpiece to be processed. 3. When determining the position of the workpiece on the workbench, the influence of machining at each position, the length of the cutter and the rigidity of the cutter on the machining quality must be considered. 4. Fixtures used in mechanical processing should be assembled by common parts and can be adjusted as much as possible, which can effectively shorten the production preparation cycle. Problems needing attention in arranging large-scale machining sequence (1) To arrange the machining sequence, the basic principles of 'first face, then hole' and 'first coarse and then fine' must be followed. (2) Determine the knife point and the knife change point. Once determined, it is not suitable for replacement. (3) Processing according to the centralized process of cutting tools can better avoid reusing the same cutting tool and reduce the number and time of changing cutting tools. (4) For the hole system with very high requirement of coaxiality, the hole system at other coordinate positions should be processed after completing all the processing of the hole system after one positioning, this can effectively eliminate the errors generated during repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system.
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