Process benchmarking and condition of precision machinery parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-07-04
Parts processing process is a kind of directly change the appearance of the raw materials, making it a semi-finished workpiece process or finished product, a process we call process, which is a part of process benchmark, precision machinery parts processing the process more complicated. Benchmark precision machinery parts processing technology can be divided into: according to the different process of casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, precision machining, assembly, and so on. Refers to the whole process of nc machining of parts and machine assembly, and other such as cleaning, inspection, maintenance, oil seal, and so on are only auxiliary process. Turning method to change the surface properties of the raw materials or semi-finished products, in the nc machining process is one of the main technological process. The benchmark process including the locating datum for the precision machinery parts processing, in the numerical control lathe machining lathe or jig used positioning base; Measurement benchmark, the benchmark is usually refer to when inspection need to comply with the standards of the size or position of the Assembly benchmark, the benchmark we usually refers to the assembly process when the position of the standard parts. Precision machinery parts processing and production of high quality and stable product, the need to achieve this goal, the staff must have rich working experience in mechanical processing and excellent technology. Known as fine precision machining is work, must have good technology to do well. Second, precision machinery parts processing process determines the quality of product is whether it is specification. Production and management are necessarily need a set of perfect process, the process is to produce perfect products and services. Again, in the production process must pay attention to communication, both the time and have a problem, to strengthen communication, processing plant, and equipment manufacturers of communication is one of the important conditions for automation equipment parts processing.
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