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by:NJPE     2020-06-30
Safety education is the enterprise to the staff for safety thought, safety knowledge, safety skills necessary to do publicity, education and training, it is very important in the enterprise production management. I plant mainly to undertake large and medium-sized machinery parts processing as the main processing enterprises, factories have many high precision large nc machine tool equipment, for customers at home and abroad to provide all kinds of machinery parts and components processing business. In order to ensure the smooth progress of factory production, the factory require every new employee must go through education 'education, factory production safety regulations' and then mount guard operation, let them master the knowledge of production safety, this position need improve production skills. According to the actual situation of factory production, from July 18, the factory unified organization white, GSM new staff focus on publicity and education. Study content includes: the education of thought 'citizen machinery factory in wuxi city new hires' citizen machinery factory in wuxi city safety in production network, '' citizen machinery factory in wuxi city safety production management system of' citizen machinery factory in wuxi city, the safe production responsibility system 'citizen machinery factory in wuxi city, the equipment maintenance regulations' citizen machinery factory in wuxi city product quality inspection rules '' citizen machinery factory in wuxi city workshop parts stacked sets' the citizen machinery factory in wuxi city workers gauge custody regulations on citizen machinery factory in wuxi city, the toolbox custody regulations through a week of ideological education, first of all, make an overview of the new employees to understand the production and operation of an enterprise, including product, industry characteristics, operating conditions, as well as the enterprise development prospect, enterprise culture and so on, make new employees build up confidence, love, love. Always firmly establish a 'safety first, quality first' consciousness, and adhere to the people-oriented, the safety awareness on the production and quality of work first. Make new employees really recognize that safety is the basic condition of production and operation activities, the quality is the lifeline of enterprise survival and development. Education new employees must consciously abide by national security laws and regulations, consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the factory. Set up the correct ideological understanding, establish a good ideological and moral, to lay a solid foundation for future work. In order to make every new employee to ideological education attaches great importance to production safety education, factory rules, and do the work. At the end of the study, to study the content of examination, the examination results are recorded in the employee files, as a new employee positive, the important basis of promotion. Factory department on July 19, 2007
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