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by:NJPE     2020-07-02
Professional precision machinery parts processing factory on recommended! Release date: 2019 07 - 05 14:52:49

do you know what is a precision machinery parts processing? According to the literal meaning: it is very precision mechanical processing. Precision machinery parts processing is one of the types of mechanical processing, but it is a precision machining, with the development of the industry and the demand of constant change, closely precision machining has changed a lot, the classification of it more and more, it is more and more thin, direction is becoming more and more specialized, with the development of science and technology of its technology is also constantly improve, quality and precision of precision machining is becoming more and more high. The development of science and technology and economic thought the direction of the mechanical development closely.

since the emergence of machinery have the corresponding mechanical parts. But as a discipline, mechanical parts separated from the mechanical structure and mechanics. With the development of mechanical industry, a new design theory and method, the emergence of new materials, new technology, mechanical parts entered a new stage of development. The finite element method and fracture mechanics, elastic hydrodynamic pressure lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer aided design ( CAD) , the entity modeling, Pro, Ug, Solidworks等) , system analysis and design methodology, such as theory, has been gradually used in the research and design of mechanical parts. Better combination of a variety of disciplines, combination of macro and micro to search new principle and structure, more dynamic and precise design, more efficient use of the electronic computer, the further development of design theory and method, is the important trend in the development of the discipline.

so future precision machinery is more and more integrated, it is no longer a simple mechanical processing, it is combined with high-tech, instead more to play its role, especially in the processing of the development of the digital make it produced a qualitative leap. Later it will become an important science, in the service industry to develop.

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