Protective articles and operation requirements for large-scale mechanical processing, Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

by:NJPE     2020-02-16
Large-scale machining should wear protective equipment before work, and it is forbidden to wear gloves and scarves. During the work, it is necessary to understand the use or operation method of each handle before the machine tool is started, effectively check whether all parts of the machine tool are running normally. For large-scale machining, before the machine tool is started, the cutter and workpiece must be clamped with a wrench. Without the permission of the instructor, the machine tool is not allowed to be started. Before the machine tool is started, the work such as speed change, chip cleaning or size measurement is not allowed, it is not allowed to touch the running part. If foreign matters or chips are found on the machine tool, it is not allowed to take them by hand or blow them with the mouth. After the operation of large-scale machining is completed, it is necessary to clean up the tools and clean the working site of the machine tool in time. Do not put the tools, workpieces and other items on the machine tool and working table when working, it is not allowed to touch tools, workpieces and other running parts with hands during work, and it is not allowed to lean the body on the machine tool to avoid other accidents. Large-scale machining when two people operate a machine at the same time, they need to have a clear division of labor and close cooperation. When the machine is powered off or leaving the machine, the machine should be turned off first to avoid accidents. In the production process, those processes directly related to the transformation of raw materials into products are called technological processes. It includes blank manufacturing, parts processing, heat treatment, quality inspection and machine assembly, etc. However, in order to ensure the normal operation of the technological process, the manufacturing of cutting tools and fixtures and the adjustment and maintenance of machine tools are auxiliary processes. In the technological process, the processing method of Dalian large-scale mechanical parts gradually changes the shape, size, relative position and performance of the blank in a certain order, the part of the process until it becomes a qualified part is called a machining process.
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