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by:NJPE     2020-02-05
How many brands you are familiar with have been exposed to quality problems? The manufacturing industry needs the spirit of craftsmen. Any fancy outer packaging and cool marketing methods are not the chips to support the long-term selling of products. The quality of products is the core that will never change. NJPE has its own unique management in quality management. First of all, the standardization of quality assurance standards: NJPE is implementing strict quality assurance procedures for every order that issues demand, from demand judgement → Product Review → design deployment → design confirmation → raw material inspection → processing and manufacturing → mold assembly → mold testing, delivery and after-sales tracking are all carried out according to strict quality inspection standards, ensure that every finished product delivered by NJPE is 100% satisfied. Secondly, order development and design are rigorous: in order to ensure the quality of products, the company has strict plans and quality reviews from order input to design output, from order receiving evaluation → Product Review → design review → design verification, each link outputs corresponding documents, which can shorten the mold design cycle to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring the high quality of customer mold products. The quality of incoming materials and the management and control of suppliers: in order to ensure the quality of incoming materials, three major measures are adopted: inspection of purchased products, supplier review and regular supplier evaluation. For new suppliers, qualification examination will be conducted before their formal cooperation, and the quality of incoming materials will be supervised and counted every month after the formal supply. Provide targeted support and guidance for suppliers with slightly poor quality. Quality Management in manufacturing process: in order to ensure the quality and safety of products, each employee strictly abides by the 'three non-principles '( Do not receive unqualified products, do not make unqualified products, do not flow out unqualified products). Ensure that every stage from process programming to processing and manufacturing to assembly, mold trial production to shipping arrangement is under control. Realize mold quality assurance, mold quality verification and output quality control. NJPE- Domestic professional precision mold manufacturers, we practice the quality self-inspection management concept of 'not accepting unqualified products, not manufacturing unqualified products, not outputting unqualified products', only for perfect quality! Welcome to call, or click on the right to consult online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE pushes 'internet' and wins the first excellent CIO in Guangdong. NJPE precision mould provides you with professional design and customized production.
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