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by:NJPE     2020-02-05
Precision Mold manufacturing is the bottleneck and key to restrict the development of China's automobile, household appliances, light industry and other industries. With the continuous development and improvement of rapid prototyping hardware and software equipment and rapid prototyping materials, the strength and precision of rapid prototyping parts have been continuously improved. High-quality, high-precision molds are inseparable from our high requirements for material properties. According to the requirements of mold manufacturing on material performance, the details are as follows: 1. Annealing process spheroidizing annealing temperature range is wide, annealing hardness is low, fluctuation range is small, and spheroidizing rate is high. 2. Forgeability has low hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide forging temperature range, low tendency of forging crack cold crack and precipitation of reticular carbide. 3. Oxidation and decarburization sensitivity when heated at high temperature, it has good oxidation resistance, slow decarburization speed, insensitivity to heating medium, and small tendency to generate pitting. 4. Machinability, large cutting parameters, low tool loss and low surface roughness. 5. Hardened after quenching, it has uniform and high surface hardness. 6. After hardenability quenching, a deeper hardened layer can be obtained, which can be hardened by using mild quenching medium. 7. The grindable grinding wheel has small relative loss, large limit grinding capacity without burns, insensitivity to the quality and cooling conditions of the grinding wheel, and is not easy to cause abrasion damage and grinding cracks. 8. Quenching deformation and cracking tendency conventional quenching volume changes little, shape warpage and distortion are slight, and abnormal deformation tendency is low. Conventional quenching has low cracking sensitivity and is not sensitive to quenching temperature and workpiece shape. NJPE precision mold factory, focusing on precision injection mold, sheet metal stamping mold, precision stamping mold, precision parts processing and manufacturing, has 30 years of mold technology precipitation, and many large enterprises such as Gree, daikin, Valeo, Denso, Yazaki, Fuji Xerox, Canon, etc. , with the business goal of exceeding customer expectations, strive to create a world-class mold enterprise. If you are interested in our products or have questions, please click on the online customer service or toll-free number 0756 on the right side of the page- We are very happy to serve you for 8593098 consultation. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Precision injection molding and ordinary injection molding, the choice of precision mold manufacturers can not be ignored
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