Shallow of shaft parts processing technology to prepare what should be considered

by:NJPE     2020-06-20
Shaft parts processing technology of the preparation should consider what? When it is in the shaft parts processing problems, also before the official start of the process should consider good, only to make sufficient preparations, can make the correct numerical control processing of shaft parts or mechanical processing, so as to avoid making mistakes in the processing, improve processing efficiency. Since this part of knowledge is so important, so let's come to concrete is introduced. First of all, to deal with part drawing for nc precision machining process analysis, specific content is: ( 1) Whether parts drawings in the size of the labeling method to adapt to the characteristics of nc machining; ( 2) Parts drawing geometry elements of a contour sufficient; ( 3) The reliability of the locating datum are in good condition; ( 4) Whether the parts required by the processing precision and the dimensional tolerance can be guaranteed. For parts blank, also should undertake manufacturability analysis, specific for: ( 1) Analytical blank in the installation location of adaptability and allowance for the size and uniformity; ( 5) Rough machining allowance is full, the allowance is stable when mass production. 1. Machine tool to select different parts should be on different nc machine tool processing, so want to choose according to the design requirements of parts of nc machine tools. 2. The knife point and in the choice of the cutting point of knife point: is the index of control processing cutting tool motion artifacts in the starting point. In cutting point: it is for processing center, CNC lathes and other multiple blade processing machine tool programming. When programming are the artifacts as a static, and the cutting tool movement. Usually call for cutting point program origin, selection of key points are: easy to find, easy programming, the knife is little error and process inspection is convenient and reliable, when making the knife should make loci overlap with the knife and knife. 3. The scheme determination of the choice of machining method and precision machining principle of selecting machining method of machining accuracy and surface roughness of the machined surface is to ensure that requirements, but in the actual choice, should be combined with components of the shape, size, and comprehensively considering such as heat treatment requirements. When processing scheme determined, should according to the requirements of the main surface accuracy and roughness, initially identified as needed to meet these requirements and processing method. 4. The choice of machining allowance allowance: amount refers to the difference between the size and entity blank parts size. The selection of the machining allowance, there are two principles, one is the principle of the minimum machining allowance, 2 it is to should have enough machining allowance, especially for the last procedure. 5. Cutting parameter determination of cutting depth, cutting parameter including spindle rotation and feed. Cutting depth is according to the machine tool, fixture, cutting tool and workpiece to determine the rigidity, the spindle rotational speed is, according to allow cutting speed to determine the feeding is according to the requirements of the parts machining accuracy and surface roughness and the material properties of the workpiece. 6. Feed line feed line including the selection of process technology content, it is one of the important reference basis is to write programs. The above is the entire contents of the article, small make up hope that through this article to introduce, let everybody can benefit from it. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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