Stainless steel pipe manufacture process is analysed

by:NJPE     2021-01-29
In the 19th century, rolling technology is used in the manufacture of industrial stainless steel processing and pipeline processing only technology. This kind of rolling technology involves long program. With the help of the cone roller, the rolling sheet bar form a circular cross section. Then through forging welding process in the rolling wear lap welding. Fortunately, with the emergence of development and technology, stainless steel processing and pipe processing of all kinds of technology have emerged. Now, stainless steel pipe processing using multiple spindle tungsten inert gas continuous tube mill machine manufacturing. In this technique without the use of filler metal or forging welding process. Stainless steel pipe processing manufacturing process description: rolling and welding first, stainless steel belt through a variety of quality inspection, and the edge trim. Then by India's stainless steel tube processing manufacturers into tube mill. According to the required dimension through multiple rolls. In the tube mill, the strip gradually into a tube. Then use the welding process to assembly good welding machine for welding to the adornment of the strip edge. Through the machine instantly remove waste and internal weld. In this way, form rolling tube and tube. Rolling stainless steel tube manufacture of cleaning and heating stage according to the requirements of industrial cutting into the required length. For the stainless steel tube processing and cleaned to remove dirt. In addition, the rolling tube and tube for heat treatment, in order to eliminate the possibility of stress due to welding and forming process. In continuous roller hearth heat treatment. The stove is equipped with a temperature recorder and controllers. After the heat treatment process, the SS tube and pipe straightening and acid pickling to remove scale from the surface. Cold drawing process in some cases, may not be able to directly from the mill to obtain the required size. Then, the cold operation process can be used to obtain the required size. In the cold drawing process, stainless steel pipe coated with oxalic acid and soap solution. The solution ACTS as a lubricant to reduce friction during cold drawing operations. In the cold drawing process, the use of the die head plug pull tube or pipe to the workbench. Finishing process and then to clean out of stainless steel pipe processing, heat treatment, acid cleaning and straightening. Computerized ink jet marking machine used for marking on the finished tube or pipe. Before exporters is passed to the stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe processing path marked material grade, size, quantity of heat, and the third party inspection tag. The production of stainless steel pipe processing will be carried out some test and quality inspection. In the process after proper packing and send. There are a lot of stainless steel pipe application. We, as one of stainless steel processing manufacturers. We for the global oil and gas pipelines, food processing, automotive and other manufacturing service our advanced manufacturing unit capable of producing various sizes of stainless steel processing and stainless steel pipe processing. We offer our customers a high level of stainless steel products.
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