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by:NJPE     2020-02-13
Generally speaking, the structure of the box parts is more complex, the interior is cavity-shaped, and its processing is mainly plane and hole. For the analysis of the technical requirements of box parts, the technical requirements of planes and holes shall be analyzed. 1. the accuracy of the plane requires that the design datum of the box parts are generally plane, and the design datum of each hole system and plane of the box body are G plane, H plane and P plane, the G and H planes are also the assembly datum of the box body, so it has higher flatness and smaller surface roughness requirements. 2. The technical requirements of the hole system a series of holes with hole spacing and coaxiality on the box body are called hole systems. In order to ensure the fit of the box hole and the outer ring of the bearing and the rotation accuracy of the shaft, the dimensional accuracy of the hole is IT7, and the geometric error of the hole is controlled within the dimensional tolerance range. In order to ensure the accuracy of gear meshing, the dimensional accuracy between the hole axes, the parallelism between the hole axes, the coaxiality error of each hole on the same axis and the verticality error of the hole end face to the axis, there should be higher requirements. 3. The position accuracy between the hole and the plane the parallelism requirement shall be specified between the main hole on the box and the installation base surface of the box. The center line of the main shaft hole of this box part is aligned with the assembly base surface (G, H face)The parallelism error of is 0. 04mm. 4. Surface roughness the roughness of important holes and main surfaces will affect the matching properties or contact rigidity of the connection surfaces. The surface roughness of main holes of the box parts is 0. 8μm, surface roughness of assembly base surface is 1. 6 μ m.
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