Summary of the structure and selection of CNC milling machine

by:NJPE     2020-07-12
Structure and selection of CNC milling machine, this article will introduce the main content of today, also is one of its basic content, so we should have a good grasp it, in order to better use of CNC milling machine. 1. The structure of the CNC milling machine CNC milling machine is generally by the numerical control system, main transmission system, feed servo system, cooling lubrication system which composed of several big system. ( 1) Spindle box mainly include the spindle box and main transmission system, is used for clamping tool, cutting tool and can be carried on. ( 2) Spindle assembly is one of the important parts on CNC milling machine, its accuracy, vibration resistance and thermal deformation will affect the parameters, such as milling machine processing quality. Spindle is commonly a hollow shaft, the front is a cone hole, the back-end tool automatic clamping mechanism, is mainly used for cutting tool clamping. In high speed, general circulating lubrication system is adopted. ( 3) Feed servo system is composed of feed motor and feed actuators, according to the set feed speed, can realize the relative motion between the tool and workpiece, including linear feed movement and rotation motion. ( 4) Control system is the center of the CNC milling machine motion control, mainly is to perform the numerical control processing procedure, so as to control milling machine for processing. ( 5) Assist device including the hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling system and chip removal, protective device. ( 6) A machine tool components, often referred to as the base of the machine tool, columns, beams, etc. , it is the foundation of the whole machine tool and framework. 2. The selection of CNC milling machine ( 1) Smaller size CNC milling machine, applicable to small and medium-sized parts processing and complex shape surface contour milling task; While larger specifications of CNC milling machine, suitable for big size of complex parts processing. ( 2) Accuracy has now made the accuracy standard of CNC milling machine, as follows: linear motion coordinates positioning accuracy is 0. 04/300 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy is 0. 025 mm, milling round precision of 0. 035mm。 ( 3) Machining characteristics according to the different place, we can choose different CNC milling machine, can also according to the requirements of parts processing, add some device on general CNC milling machine, so as to achieve processing requirements. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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