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by:NJPE     2020-02-09
NJPE precision mold manufacturers focus on precision injection molds, sheet metal stamping molds, precision stamping molds, precision parts processing and manufacturing, with 30 years of mold technology precipitation, serving large enterprises at home and abroad. Precision parts processing can reach 0. 001mm machining accuracy. NJPE mould advocates management, technological innovation and continuous improvement. We will not miss any detail improvement in the background of Sino-Japanese joint venture, keep improving and eliminate waste, now take you to appreciate how the NJPE mold 'turns waste into treasure '. Homemade Φ2 ~ Hard Alloy tools of Φ16 specification can be repeatedly repaired as finishing tools of the same specification, but the total length of Hitachi brand tools below Φ2 and Φ2 purchased earlier is only 50mm, and the head blade length is only 2 ~ 3mm, can not directly repair the blade; If you need to repair the same specification tool, you need to cut off the front end 10 ~ 15mm avoidance and blade length, the remaining only 35 ~ 40mm length, can not be clamped on the sharpener to repair as a tool of the same specification; ( Restricted by the tool grinder, the length of the tool bar is more than before it can be clamped and repaired, otherwise the tool will interfere with the main shaft or grinding wheel. Purchased Hitachi Φ2 and Φ2 scrap tools (Bar) How does NJPE 'turn waste into treasure' when stored in a warehouse '? NJPE mould cutter team has mastered Φ1 and Φ1. 5. Manufacturing technology of cutting tools; After the repair is realized, the cost of the tool bar will be reduced by about 43X3000 = 12. 90 thousand yuan, tool bar utilization rate increased by more than 50%. Before the repair, the 'waste' bar material will become a brand-new 'treasure' knife after the repair. NJPE precision mold manufacturers will unswervingly take exceeding customer expectations as their business objectives and strive to create a world-class mold enterprise, we have the technology and equipment for the whole set of solutions for sheet metal stamping dies and precision injection molds, providing one-stop services for customers' products, optimizing products for customers free of charge, and saving mold manufacturing costs for customers, improve mold production efficiency and achieve perfect quality and ultra-short delivery. If you are interested in or have questions about the products of NJPE precision mold manufacturers, please click on the online customer service or toll-free number 0756 on the right side of the page- We are very happy to serve you for 8593098 consultation. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE precision mold manufacturers, everywhere excellence! Precision Mold structure innovation, manufacturing cost saving more than 22%
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