Suzhou Kunshan '3- 31 'magnesium alloy precision parts processing factory produces magnesium alloy debris and water reaction to release hydrogen explosion! ! !

by:NJPE     2020-01-21
At about 07:12 on March 31, 2019, a deflagration accident occurred in a container outside the processing workshop of a precision parts processing plant in Kunshan city, Suzhou, in which magnesium alloy debris waste was stored, killing 7 people and injuring 5 others. According to preliminary analysis, the direct cause of the accident is that the factory used emulsified cutting fluid with high water content during the processing of magnesium alloy, and the collected magnesium alloy debris waste did not carry out effective water removal operations, the exothermic reaction between magnesium and water releases hydrogen, and the reaction is intensified due to the excessive concentration of magnesium alloy chips and poor heat dissipation, which instantly causes deflagration of hydrogen in the container, the deflagration shock wave entrained burning magnesium alloy debris to break through the rolling shutter door of the machining workshop opposite the container, causing casualties of employees near the rolling shutter door in the machining workshop. The accident exposed the problems of magnesium alloy precision parts processing factory on the risk identification and risk assessment of magnesium alloy debris waste, the investigation and management of hidden dangers of accidents are not in place, the temporary storage warehouse of waste is unreasonable, and the on-site management is not in place. The accident occurred during the special operation of the province's safety production investigation and rectification. The social impact was bad and the lessons were very profound. After the accident, the leading comrades of the State Council and the main leading comrades of the emergency management department and the provincial Party committee and the provincial government made important instructions, demanding that all efforts be made to rescue the wounded, properly handle the aftermath, find out the reasons and seriously pursue the responsibilities, and prevent the magnesium alloy precision parts processing factory from another accident, earnestly fulfill its responsibilities and ensure the safety of one party. Note: the above pictures and words come from http://www . nantong. gov. cn/ntaj/bmw/content/bad6c381-5cfd-4c35-964f-D7307426c840. html
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