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by:NJPE     2020-02-14
There are a lot of contents in numerical control processing, so the previous ones are also being introduced one after another, and today is no exception. It is also about this aspect, but the content must be the website www. wxdtc. What is not in com, then what is the specific content, I will not summarize it here, everyone will understand after reading it. At the same time, understanding these is also an extension of precision machinery parts processing. 1. The basic principle of clamping, positioning and installation of parts in numerical control machining is mainly to reasonably select the positioning Benchmark and clamping scheme. The specific principles to be followed are :(1) Design, process and programming should strive for a unified benchmark; (2) The number of clamping times should be reduced as much as possible, and all the machined surfaces can be processed after one clamping and positioning. 2. The basic principle of selecting fixture in numerical control machining (1) The coordinate direction of the fixture and the machine tool should be relatively fixed, and the dimensions of the parts and the machine tool coordinate system should be coordinated as much as possible. (2) If the processing capacity is not very large, combination fixture, adjustable fixture or other universal fixtures should be adopted as far as possible in order to shorten the production time and reduce the production cost. (3) If it is mass production, then special fixtures can be considered, but the fixture structure should be as simple as possible. (4) The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable, and the parts on the fixture should not hinder the processing of each surface of the parts. 3. Machining errors in NC machining machining errors in NC machining mainly include programming errors, machine tool errors, positioning errors and tool setting errors. Programming error: it is the error generated in the programming process, which consists of approximation error and rounding error. Machine tool error: mainly includes numerical control system error, feed system error, etc. Positioning error: refers to the error generated during the positioning process of the workpiece or fixture. Tool setting error: refers to the error generated when determining the relative position of the tool and the workpiece.
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