Technological characteristics of small machining center

by:NJPE     2020-02-16
Technological characteristics of small machining center 1. it is suitable for processing parts that are periodically combined and put into production. The market demand of some products is periodic and seasonal. If a special production line is adopted, it will do more harm than good. The processing efficiency of common equipment is too low and the quality is unstable, the quantity is also difficult to guarantee. However, after the first piece of the processing center is tested and cut, the program and related production information can be retained, and production can be started as long as the next product is reproduced. 2. Suitable for processing high-efficiency and high-precision workpieces. Some parts have little demand, but they are key components, requiring high precision and short construction period. The traditional process requires the coordinated work of multiple machine tools, which has long cycle and low efficiency. In the long process, waste products are easily discharged due to human influence, thus causing significant economic losses. However, the processing center is used for processing, and the production is completely automatically controlled by the program, thus avoiding long technological process, reducing hardware investment and human interference, and having the advantages of high production efficiency and stable quality. 3. The flexibility suitable for the production of workpiece processing centers with appropriate batches is not only reflected in the rapid reaction soil with special requirements, but also can quickly realize batch production, possess and improve market competitiveness. The processing center is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production, especially small batch production. When applying the processing center, try to make the batch larger than the economic batch to achieve good economic results. With the continuous development of machining centers and accessories, the economic batch is getting smaller and smaller. For some complex parts, 5- 10 pieces can be produced, and even processing centers can be considered for single-piece production. 4. It is suitable for the application of four-axis linkage and five-axis linkage machining centers for machining parts with complex shapes and the mature development of CAD/CAM technology, which greatly improves the complexity of machining parts. The use of DNC makes the processing content of the same program sufficient to meet various processing requirements, making the automatic processing of complex parts very easy. 5. Other characteristics, the machining center is also suitable for machining workpieces with multiple stations and concentrated processes and workpieces difficult to measure. In addition, workpieces with difficult clamping or complete alignment and positioning to ensure machining accuracy are not suitable for production in machining centers.
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