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by:NJPE     2020-01-10

The processing process of parts is a process of directly changing the appearance of raw materials to make them semi-finished workpieces or finished products.  This process is called technological process, which is also the processing technology benchmark of parts, the processing process of precision mechanical parts is more complicated. The processing technology benchmark of precision mechanical parts can be divided into: casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, precision machining, assembly and other categories according to different processes. It refers to the general term of the numerical control processing and machine assembly process of the whole parts, while others such as cleaning, inspection, equipment maintenance, Oil Seal, etc.  are only auxiliary processes. The turning method changes the surface properties of raw materials or semi-finished products, and the numerical control machining process is the main process in the industry. The technological datum of precision machine parts processing includes positioning datum, which are used by the lathe or fixture when the CNC lathe is processing; Measurement benchmark, which usually refers to the standard of size or position to be observed during inspection; Assembly benchmark, which usually refers to the position standard of parts during assembly process. The processing of precision mechanical parts requires the production of high-quality and stable products.  In order to achieve this goal, the staff must have rich experience in mechanical processing and excellent technology. It is well known that precision machining is the same fine work, and it must be done with excellent technology. Secondly, whether the processing process of precision mechanical parts is standardized also determines whether the product is of high quality. Both production and management must need a perfect process, which serves to make perfect products. Thirdly, communication must be paid attention to in the production process.  Communication should be strengthened both in node time and in case of problems.  Communication between processing plants and equipment manufacturers is an important condition for processing automatic equipment parts.
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