Tell you the three types of precision injection molds

by:NJPE     2020-02-07
People in the mold industry all know that the common types of precision injection molds are: two-plate mold structure, three-plate mold structure and hot runner mold structure. What are the three? Today, Zhuhai NJPE precision mould will give you a deeper understanding-- Basic structure of two plate dies basic structure of two plate dies 1. Advantages of two plate dies: Two plate dies are the most common, with simple structure and various forms, convenient maintenance two-plate gate forms include direct glue inlet, edge gate, latent gate, Horn gate, overlapping gate, disc gate and Fan gate, disadvantages of 2 and two plate moulds such as radial gates: except for the latent type and the horn type gates, the two plate moulds need to be processed later to remove the gate standard. The basic structure of the three plate moulds standard. The basic structure of the three plate moulds standard. The basic structure of the three plate moulds 1. The advantages of the three plate moulds: the gate form of the three-plate mold has only a small gate mark left by the point gate three-plate mold on the product. It can be that the gate of the three-plate mold without trace forming does not need to be additionally removed. 2. Disadvantages of the three-plate mold: the flow channel of the three-plate mold is relatively long and requires longer cooling time, in other words, it needs a longer molding cycle. Three-plate mold consumes more materials. Three-plate mold is relatively complicated in structure. The basic structure of hot runner mold is hot runner mold. Regardless of the runner system, it is basically the same as the two-plate mold, however, from the perspective of runner system, hot runner is another type of injection mold. Hot runner is divided into adiabatic hot runner system and heating hot runner system. The adiabatic hot runner is made of materials with low thermal conductivity around the runner, and the surrounding is insulated with molten plastic. The hot runner is heated, and the temperature of the runner is controlled by the temperature sensing sheet on the whole. Deformation of hot runner mold: the hot nozzle can enter the cold runner and be converted into a hot-to-cold mode. The hot runner can set the ejection system on the mother die side, that is, an inverted mold (Commonly used in two-color mode). Hot runner can realize the lamination of the mold, I . e. lamination. That is to say, the two sets of mold heads are stacked together, and the same flow channel is used to supply materials from the molding machine. When the mold is opened, different ejection systems ejection products. Zhuhai NJPE precision mold 'to exceed customer expectations' as its business objectives, efforts to create a world-class mold enterprise. If you want to know more about our precision injection mold, you can go to NJPE's official website. https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more.
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