The basic principle of grinding in the processing of precision mechanical parts, Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

by:NJPE     2020-02-13
When processing precision mechanical parts, we must first work out the processing technology of mechanical parts to ensure that every link is normal. In the processing of precision mechanical parts, grinding is used to produce and process various metal materials and metal materials, and can produce and process plane graphs, inner and outer cylindrical surfaces and their cone surfaces. The whole process of grinding can be done by microanalysis and drilling of steel parts according to the abrasive particles of mineral acid, including the comprehensive effects of complicated physics and organic chemistry. Because the raw materials of the research tool are softer than the raw materials of the steel parts to be researched, the abrasive particles in the abrasive agent are placed on the surface layer of the research tool or fluctuate to form a multi-blade matrix. When the research tool and the steel parts are doing grinding and fitness exercises, under the necessary working pressure, carry out microanalysis drilling on the surface layer of steel parts. When chromium oxide, polyether or other abrasive is selected, layers of extremely thin air oxide film will be generated on the surface of steel parts. This layer of air oxide film is very easy to be ground, and air oxide film will be continuously and rapidly generated during the whole grinding process, it is continuously ground by plants, thus accelerating the whole grinding process and reducing roughness. The passivated abrasive particles extrude the surface layer of the steel parts, causing deformation of the raw materials to be produced and processed. The peaks and valleys of the surface layer of the steel parts tend to be flat during plastic deformation or cause cold work hardening during continuous deformation, to rupture to produce slight cutting.
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