The basic principle of mechanical parts processing grinding all kinds of mold

by:NJPE     2020-06-18
The basic principle of mechanical parts processing grinding all kinds of mold release time: 2019 - 05 - 29 10:58:13

precision machining, grinding to production and processing all kinds of metal materials and metal materials, the ability to plan, inner and outer cylinder and cone surface to carry out the production and processing. Grinding process can be as grits of the acid mine according to the research of steel to carry out the trace analysis of drilling, including complex physics and the comprehensive efficacy of organic chemistry. People is to detail a little below the grinding principle and the theme of the mould.

1, the drilling efficiency

because of tool's raw material than being developed soft steel raw materials, thus placing tool surface grinding of abrasive grains or volatility, of blade matrix, the grinding tool with steel do exercise, in has to work under pressure, the steel surface to carry out the trace analysis of drilling.

2, oxidation,

was elected with chrome oxide, polyether or other abrasives, steel surface produces a very thin layers of air oxidation film, this layer of oxide film is easy to be ground to air, air oxidation film ever rapid rise in the grinding process, and continuous cover plant, grinding, in turn, accelerated the whole grinding process, reduce roughness.

3, plastic deformation

the passivation of abrasive for steel surface of extrusion forming, deformation, caused by the production and processing of raw materials is to make the steel surface peak valley in the plastic deformation in the continuous deformation of the incline to the wrinkles or cold work hardening caused the breakdown produces small cutting.

the following standards must be considered when grinding, tool surface appearance precision is higher; Steel should be multifarious composite fitness; Abrasives suitable; With moderate work stress and grinding rate, etc.

2, tool of technical standard

1, the strength, the strength of the tool material than steel raw material is low, body symmetry high density, without sundry, intensity is symmetrical, with moderate placed. Grinding tool is too hard will lead to damage of grain crushing and quickly, destroying production process performance; So deep into the grinding tool is too soft can cause grain groundcover plants in tool materials.

2, wear-resisting, tool must possess excellent wear resistance, small deformation, the geometry precision stability is good.

3, surface: tool thefamily, no crack, dark spots.

4, structure: tool rational allocation, have any stiffness, milling surface characteristics, the heat pipe radiator is convenient, can store unnecessary wear and work surface geometry precision is higher.

three, tool materials

1, the common tool materials

( 1) Steel: 120 - 180 hb, microstructure and metallurgical structure leading factor, can promote ferritic proportion moderately, with high purity graphite spheroidizing and phosphorus eutectic methods such as performance index, try to wet grinding plate.

( 2) High phosphorus cast iron: 160 - 200 hb, on the basis of symmetrical cat blast ferrite, can improve performance of the tablet. Reduce the production and processing roughness. Try to dry grinding sand plate and embedded tablets.

( 3) Copper, copper: grinding grain easy placement, grinding efficiency. But the compressive strength is low, can't take on too much work pressure, wear-resisting performance is poor, great capacity of production and processing roughness height to steel, brass and pore grinding coarse grinding.

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