The basic requirement of precision machinery parts processing manufacturability

by:NJPE     2020-06-28
Precision machinery parts processing in the process of design should not only satisfy the use requirement, which possess the ability required by the job, in the process of operating at the same time should also meet the production requirements, precision machinery parts processing in the process of design for precision machining and cost is low, such parts to a certain extent, will be called a good manufacturability. The basic requirement of precision machinery parts processing manufaturability 1. Blank in the process of selection, the need to adopt the reasonable blank preparation methods of mechanical manufacturing, when they operate directly using its profile, casting, forging, welding, stamping and other methods, the choice of when making use of the blank and is related to the specific production technology conditions, generally depends on the production batch, and possibility to properties and processing, etc. 2. The structure of precision machinery parts processing in the process of design is very simple, when operating mainly adopting the combination of the surface of the most simple and in a certain extent at the same time should also try to use precision machining surface and at least the number of the smallest. 3. Precision machinery parts processing regulations appropriate manufacturing precision and surface roughness of parts urgent fo the cost will be increased with the improvement of the precision, when operating under the condition of the high precision, this increase is very significant, therefore, when not fully according to, should not be the pursuit of high precision. Similarly, the surface roughness of the parts should be according to actual needs of the matching surface, make appropriate provisions. 4. In a certain degree of precision machinery parts processing technology to design good parts, and in the process of design and technology staff and the combination of 'must be good at learn from them, in addition, in metallic and manual technology are also provides some basic knowledge about manufacturability, available for reference. Precision machinery parts processing surface roughness can be effective to a certain extent of reaction on the surface of the parts micro geometry error of a very important technical indicators, when making use of it is the main basis for testing the surface quality of the parts.
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