The basic unit of the large mechanical processing and process

by:NJPE     2020-06-23
Large mechanical processing is very important for the construction of the city, so their workload is very big, every day need processing quantity is large, if at the time of processing as far as possible choose recyclable materials, the use of energy conservation and environmental protection low consumption of processing machine, it can produce less pollution, in the long run, the machine needs to be updated, also can be recycled to the related department to deal with the new production, the production concept is the mechanical processing need to have, now many companies for their own business need to buy a lot of machinery, they will also consider the energy conservation, environmental protection machinery, still take a fancy to the product price, of course, is the need to ensure quality, preferential price compared to the other, they are no immunity for such products. Large mechanical processing usually is very strict to the requirement of employees, be sure to complete the task within the stipulated time, in the process of production, those with raw materials into a product is directly related to the process is called process. It includes blank parts manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, quality inspection, and machine assembly. And in order to ensure the normal process required for tooling, fixture manufacturing, machine tool maintenance belong to assist process adjustment. In the process of technology, dalian heavy machinery parts processing method in a certain order gradually change the blank shape, size, position and performance, etc. , and become qualified parts of that part of the process is called the precision machining process. Large number of technical personnel according to the product mechanical processing, equipment conditions and quality of workers, and so on and so forth, in determining the technological process, as the content of the related process files, this file is called process planning. In order to facilitate the procedure of preparation, implementation and production organization management, need to process is divided into different levels of unit. They are step process, installation, location, industry and feed. Large machining process is the basic unit in the process of technology. Parts of the machining process is composed of several working procedure. In a process might contain one or several installation, each installation may contain one or more stations, each station may contain one or several steps, each step work may include one or a few knife. Forced vibration of large mechanical processing, is due to the process system outside the vibration of the periodic interference caused by the action of forces. Mechanical processing of general machinery of forced vibration and forced vibration, forced vibration at the same frequency and the frequency of the disturbing force or multiples of it.
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