The cautions of CNC programming and CNC processing technology is briefly

by:NJPE     2020-06-19
Nc machining of content are many, including many aspects, especially in the machinery industry, often use the word. Nc machining process include? CNC programming from time to tome what considerations? These are the problems, it is worth thinking about, let's to concrete is introduced. The abbreviation of CNC: is English Computer numerical control, meaning for Computer numerical control machine tool, referred to as 'nc machine tool, is composed of process control automation of machine tools, CNC programming is refers to the programming of numerical control machine tool. 1. CNC programming considerations ( 1) Artifacts should be layered high thick, with different length knife open after coarse using broadsword, should use a knife to get rid of excess stock again. ( 2) Application of flat-bottomed cutter machining plane, use less spher mill, in order to reduce processing time; If there is a slope, and is an integer, slope knife application processing. ( 3) Setting up reasonable tolerance, make the balance each other between the precision machining precision and computing time, do more working procedure, reduce air knife time. ( 4) Blank material hardness, choose up milling; Blank material hardness is low, choose suitable milling. Roughing up milling, finishing down milling. ( 5) Cutting tool materials, good toughness, low hardness to adapt to the rough precision machining, cutting tool material toughness, high hardness, poor to adapt to the finish. 2. Nc machining process ( 1) Parts clamping methods and fixture clamping method of machining parts on CNC machine also benchmark to the choice of reasonable positioning and clamping schemes, in essence the benchmark when the choice, should follow 'benchmark' and 'benchmark superposition of these two principles, in addition to these two principles, we also need to think about: a. As far as possible in a positioning clamp to complete all of the surface processing, therefore, should choose to facilitate each surface can be processing ways of positioning. b。 A clamping workpiece, should be able to complete all of the workpiece surface processing. c。 Determining the position of the workpiece on the workbench, consideration should be given to both to the various processing station, the length of the cutting tool and the stiffness impact on the quality of machining tool. d。 Used in the control processing of fixture, should choose as far as possible by general elements assembled, and can adjust the jig, shorten the production preparation period. ( 2) sequence arrangement to arrange order, the basic principle is to must abide by, including 'after the first plane hole', 'first rough then essence', etc. , in addition to these basic principles, we should also follow the following principles, as follows: a. Press tool concentration process, avoid the same repeatedly use the cutting tool, reducing changeover times and time. b。 Alignment demanding hole system, should be in a location, fasten the hole after processing is complete, again to other department coordinates the hole processing, so can eliminate produced by the repeated positioning error, improve the hole system alignment. c。 Choose good knife and tool change, once established, should not be replaced. ( 3) Tool feed route planning in the feed line here is index control processing, relative to the processed parts, tool trajectory. On feed route planning, and also should follow certain principles, specific include: ensure the processed parts can obtain good machining accuracy and surface quality, numerical calculation work simplification and feed the shortest route. Unless noted, original articles for citizen machinery nc precision machining center, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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