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by:NJPE     2020-02-15
In numerical control machining, the choice of cutting tools is very important, but the knowledge in this field has not been introduced before, so it needs to be supplemented as soon as possible. Therefore, Xiao Bian took this opportunity to introduce in detail, mainly about how to choose this aspect so that everyone can understand something, not a blank. 1. Generally speaking, the selection principle of numerical control cutting tools is closely related to the cutting parameters, so the selection of cutting tools is very important when formulating the cutting parameters. Tool life is generally divided into the highest and lowest, the former is related to one-piece working hours, while the latter is related to process cost. When we consider the life of the tool, we should determine it according to the complexity of the tool, manufacturing cost, etc. If it is used for multi-tool mechanical equipment with complicated operation, then high service life and good reliability should be selected. Numerical control tool, it is a kind of tool, its requirements for tools are higher than ordinary, not only need good rigidity, strength and precision, but also require stable size and good durability. 2. Selection of cutting tools for numerical control turning cutting tools for numerical control turning generally have three types: Turning Tools, sharp turning tools and circular arc turning tools. When we make the choice, we should combine the characteristics of numerical control processing to make a comprehensive consideration, and also give consideration to the tool itself, so as to choose the most suitable one. 3. The selection of cutting tools for numerical control milling the main requirements for cutting tools for numerical control milling are: sufficient rigidity and good use. Therefore, we should take these into account in order to choose the most suitable one.
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