The CNC sheet metal processing technology

by:NJPE     2020-06-24
The CNC sheet metal processing technology

release time: 2016/4/29 numerical control technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine, it solves the existing in the sheet metal processing parts with high precision and complex shape, large batch, etc. CNC sheet metal machine tools including CNC shearing machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC punch, CNC bending machine, welding machine, flame cutting machine, etc. Their application in production has greatly increased the sheet metal processing capacity, make the sheet metal parts guaranteed in terms of quality, yield, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Shear plate blanking is the first working procedure in the process of sheet metal processing, cutting accuracy directly affect the quality behind the process of precision machining, CNC shearing machine ensures the blanking of the application of the differential size and the work of blanking diagonal. CNC shearing machine is made up of numerical control device, servo system, measuring equipment and machine tools. Servo system is consists of three servo motor and servo drive. Before the machine tool positioning two servo motors, usually a main motor working alone, processing range of 2 - 500 mm, such as network cabinet work hypotenuse is vice motor, CNC system are two different instruction form hypotenuse. After positioning has a servo motor, main processing large panel products, processing range of 150 ~ 4000 mm. Stamping is an important part in sheet metal processing, CNC punching machine can replace the past three punch processing capacity. The productivity can be increased greatly. CNC punching machine is a kind of widely used machine tools, which has two kinds of single punch and turret. According to part drawing machine operators and technological requirements determine the processing scheme program list. The operator through the machine's operation panel, directly in the EDIT mode the program written to memory; With the development of CAD/CAM and CIMS machine operation, the operator can through the computer software to generate graphic input to the computer program, kao into the disk through the disk drive input numerical control system. Can also use the method of serial computer and CNC system input. Programming instructions are divided into G code CNC punch press M code, the G code is used to command the function of the machine tool for processing the movement and interpolation way. Such as G91 incremental command, G90 absolute command, G29 arc step punching and G68 garden arc. M code is do some auxiliary instruction machine code. As (the program to stop. After inspection procedures correctly, loosen the calipers in the workpiece closed calipers. Start the pump and the punch executable program to complete the processing.

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