The common fault analysis of milling machine and how to eliminate

by:NJPE     2020-06-22
What are the common faults milling machine? How to eliminate? In general, it has the following these, the common failures as: fault one: processing surface knife grievances. Solution: check the workbench parallelism, main axis relative to the parallelism of workbench face and lifting table relative to the vertical degree of workbench face. Fault 2: spindle gearboxes operating handles fall off automatically. Solution: replace the spring or increase the gasket. Fault 3: spindle gearboxes operating handle can't run. Solution: the vertical shaft handle with hole clamp die, remove the repairs. Sector gear with the card dead, adjust the clearance, almost to zero. 15mm; Fork shaft bending deformation for alignment; Rack and off axis hole hole on the cover, transform other various speed, movement speed set, adjust the positioner spring. In addition to the above these faults, milling machine and a large fault can't be ignored, that is the precision machining accuracy is unusual, the strong concealment of the fault, diagnosis difficulty is bigger, then we should be how to solve? According to expert introduction, mainly have five, the cause of the failure is: firstly, milling machine feed unit is changed or changes; Secondly, each shaft milling machine zero offset exception; Thirdly, the axial backlash exception; Fourth, abnormal motor running state, also is the abnormal electrical and control part; Fifthly, mechanical failures, such as screw, bearing, shaft parts, such as defective. In addition to the above five aspects, the processing procedure of preparation, selection of cutting tool or human factors, etc. , can also lead to abnormal milling machine processing precision, the following is to analyze some of them. ( 1) System parameter changes or changes to the system parameters is to point to what? System parameters including milling machine feeding unit, zero bias and reverse clearance, etc. Some processing in the process of milling machine repair, will affect the zero bias and reverse clearance, so after processed, should make appropriate adjustments or modifications. In addition, equipment badly worn or loose connections may also make parameters measured values change, so to modify parameters accordingly. ( 2) Mechanical failure there are several possible reasons, there are exceptions, screw clearance for the generator and mechanical aspects have fault, so be on a screen. ( 3) Milling machine electrical parameters optimization, there are two reasons for abnormal motor running at its work for screw backlash and X axis motor abnormalities. To compensate the clearance of the existence of solutions for: to adjust the servo gain parameters and pulse suppression function, eliminate jitter of the X axis motor. Unless specify, original articles for citizen machinery CNC milling machine, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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