The content of the numerical control turning processing and interpretation of process analysis

by:NJPE     2020-06-29
Numerical control turning processing, it is the content in nc machining, in the daily production of CNC machining center manufacturer also frequently used, so, for people to learn the knowledge, is not around, so small make up today to introduce this aspect of the specific content, so that everyone can have learning materials, which have certain knowledge and understanding for it. The numerical control turning processing craft, it includes what content? According to wuxi citizen machinery professionals, mainly including the following aspects, to: ( 1) Select and determine the good parts of the numerical control turning processing content; ( 2) Analysis of the numerical control turning processing of drawing process; ( 3) Select tools, jigs, adjust good design, make it adapt to; ( 4) Design process and steps of processing; ( 5) Calculation and optimization of precision machining path; ( 6) Write, check or modify the numerical control turning processing program; ( 7) Trial processing first, and if you have any problem or deviation, processed or adjust; ( 8) Prepare the technical documents of nc precision machining process, in order to offer reference and execution. The numerical control turning processing technology analysis: analysis of the process, is the inspection process is reasonable and correct, because it is related to the machine tool processing efficiency, quality, and the machining accuracy of parts. So, programmers are required to understand the performance of the machine tool principle, structure and use of knowledge, knowledge of programming language and programming format, so you can make a reasonable process. In addition, for the cutting tool and workpiece clamp method, should also be right choice, because it is also very important. ( 1) Detail drawings of content including dimensioning methods analysis, outline geometrical elements analysis, precision and technical requirements analysis, the rationality of the structure and process requirements analysis and parts, and select the corresponding benchmark. ( 2) And technical requirements of precision analysis is carried out on the processed parts precision and the analysis of the technology, is an important content, accurate analysis, to correctly choose good processing method, the clamping way, cutting tool and cutting parameter and so on, so as to make the parts after processing to achieve the required accuracy. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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