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by:NJPE     2020-01-10

The common processing methods in the processing of precision mechanical parts are turning and milling parts, and some common precision parts are milling parts or turning parts. After the rough cutting of the workpiece, the whole workpiece is actually very close to the appearance and size required by the workpiece itself, but there is still a small margin on the surface of the workpiece for fine cutting, the surface of the workpiece after fine cutting is smoother and the size is more accurate. Under normal circumstances, the workpiece processed by precision mechanical parts can achieve the required appearance and size of the workpiece after one rough cutting and one fine cutting. However, not all workpieces need only one cutting, and some parts of some workpieces may need multiple rough cutting. At the same time, there are also some workpieces whose precision requirements are not too high or the cutting amount is very small, and it is also possible that the workpiece requirements can be met only after one fine cutting. Rough cutting in the processing of precision mechanical parts requires a larger cutting margin than precision cutting, which requires machines, tools and workpieces to conform to each other, moreover, rough cutting can quickly remove the allowance, and the surface performance after the effect cannot be too rough. The precision cutting of precision mechanical parts is to meet the requirements of the workpiece's surface performance and dimensional accuracy, so the cutting tools needed for precision cutting also need to be very sharp, because the cutting amount is small, the measurement precision is very high. In fact, there are many parts that we can't see that have an inseparable relationship with the processing of precision mechanical parts, such as the very small nuts inside the mobile phone, because these nuts are actually customized according to the needs of mobile phone manufacturers, there are almost no standards, and the accuracy requirements are very high, so almost all rely on precision precision machining production.
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