The difference between sheet metal processing and metal processing

by:NJPE     2020-07-14
The difference of sheet metal processing and metal processing

release time: 2016/4/21 has substantial different hardware and sheet metal processing. The following detailed tell me the difference of the sheet metal processing and metal processing in guangzhou. One, the hardware introduces hardware is referring to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, the floorboard of the five kinds of metal materials, anti-static workbench is the mother of industry, the foundation of national defence, metal materials which produce goods usually divided into two major categories of DaWuJin and hardware. DaWuJin refers to the steel plate, steel bar, flat iron, omnipotent Angle iron, channel iron, I iron and various types of steel materials, hardware, the building of hardware, tin, locking nails, wire, steel wire, steel wire cut, household hardware, all kinds of things, and so on. Points from the nature and use of sheet metal processing, should be divided into steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, machinery parts, transmission equipment, for things, work things, building hardware, household hardware and so on eight major categories, each kind of hardware has a different use and function, can choose in detail according to its needs. Two means the sheet metal processing, sheet metal is introduced is to carry on the processing of both thick plank skills, sheet metal processing and hardware have substantial differences, mainly shear thrust fold welding production process such as glue. And a temporary natural include sheet metal and various sheet metal pieces of hardware.

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