The forced vibration of large mechanical processing and installation requirements

by:NJPE     2020-06-28
Large mechanical processing production process, and raw materials into a product is directly related to the process will be referred to as the technological process, to a certain extent, effective including its blank parts manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, quality inspection, and machine assembly. And in order to ensure the normal process required for tooling, fixture manufacturing, machine tool maintenance belong to assist process adjustment. Large mechanical processing technology personnel need according to its product quality, equipment conditions, and the number of workers, etc. , to determine at run time using the technological process, and the relevant content written process file, the file is called process planning. In order to facilitate the procedure of preparation, implementation and production organization management, need to process is divided into different levels of unit. Large mechanical processing step is process, installation, location, industry and feed. The process is the basic unit in the process of technology. Parts of the precision machining process is composed of several working procedure. In a process might contain one or several installation, each installation may contain one or more stations, each station may contain one or several steps, each step work may include one or a few knife. Forced vibration of large mechanical processing 1. Forced vibration: when making operation is due to the action process system outside periodic interference force directly caused by vibration, mechanical processing of general machinery of forced vibration and forced vibration, forced vibration at the same frequency and the frequency of the disturbing force or multiples of it. 2. The causes of forced vibration, forced vibration of the vibration source and from the inside of the machine tool machine vibration source and the conversion from machine external source two kinds big. Closed source very much, but they are all passed to machine foundation, through adding to isolate vibration isolation foundation. Large mechanical processing machine in the vibration source is mainly within 1. The vibration of the machine tool motor. 2. Machine tool high-speed rotating vibration caused by unbalance. 3. Machine tool drive mechanism defects caused by vibration, such as the gear side clearance, such as the change of the belt tension. 4. The impact caused by vibration in the process of cutting. 5. Reciprocating inertia force of the moving parts caused by vibration.
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