The function of the high-speed computer gongs machine precision debugging

by:NJPE     2020-07-04
High-speed computer gongs function precision of the machine debugging

release time: 2016/4/11 1, high-speed computer gongs use testing tools, such as precision level mainly fine adjustment by means of adjusting pad iron machine main lathe bed level, make the precision of the machine tool geometric tolerance range; 2, to the automatic tool change device, adjust the knife library, the time parameter, the manipulator position, etc. , with instructions for inspection, require accurate; 3, with APC automatic switching table machine, adjust the relative position after carrying automatic exchange; 4, machine tool after the adjustment, carefully check the numerical control system and programmable controller in the parameter value is in line with the random indexes specified in the data, and then test the main operating functions, safety measures, commonly used command execution, etc. 5, high-speed computer gong to check the normal work of the function auxiliary machine and accessories. Usually consists of CNC system, the main transmission system, feed servo system smooth, cooling system and so on several big some: 1, the spindle box contains the main body and the spindle drive system, used in the clamping tool and move tool rotation, scale and output torque spindle speed has a direct influence on the processing. 2, feed and feeding by feed motor servo system performance of the organizations, in accordance with the procedures set by the feed speed to complete the relative motion between the tool and workpiece, contains linear feed movement and rotation motion. 3, control system, CNC milling machine motion control performance of the nc precision machining program control machine tool for processing. 4, for equipment such as hydraulic, pneumatic, smooth, cooling system and chip removal, protective equipment, etc. 5, a high-speed computer gongs machine foundation, often referred to as the base, column, beam, etc. , it is the bedrock of the machine tool and structure.

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