The ground boring and milling machine usage and operation procedures

by:NJPE     2020-07-03
Landed boring and milling machine, about the product, the website has not yet introduced, so for us, it is very strange, also is not very understanding about it. But it doesn't matter, I believe that through the introduction of this article, we can to know and understand the product, and do not know nothing about it. Landed boring and milling machine, it is a kind of heavy machinery and equipment, can be boring and milling operations. In this kind of machinery and equipment, the workbench is fixed, not moving, so is suitable for precision machining the part with large size and weight. It is installed in the shaft of the milling boring axis, so you can separate scale and feed. The ground boring and milling machine operation procedures, its main contents are: ( 1) Operators have the operation license to operate the machinery and equipment, and its all aspects are very familiar with, otherwise can't operate. ( 2) Operating personnel before work, should wear labor protection articles, in order to ensure their own safety. ( 3) In front of the boot. To check the operating handle, switch, institution system and so on are in good condition, can work normally, and complete safety device is reliable, there are no obstacles in the sports area or clutter. ( 4) If the workpiece loading and unloading of weight are heavier, so should be based on the shape of the workpiece, weight, etc. , to choose the sling, as well as the assembly method. ( 5) Machine, it is forbidden to touch operation, site in case of danger. Once appear abnormal, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, processing and solve. ( 6) The machine it is forbidden to use super performance, and overload use, so as not to damage the machine. ( 7) Cutting speed and feed must carry on the reasonable selection, otherwise there will be a problem, cause the machine malfunction. ( 8) Tool transfer should be carried out in accordance with the specified requirements, in order to avoid problems. ( 9) After completion of work, the workbench to retreat to the middle position, and then shut off the main power, gas and water valves, cut off power supply, cleaning machinery, cleaning the workplaces, workpiece is in the specified location, fill out a good work record.
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