The hang of mechanical processing plant for processing and the reasons for the error

by:NJPE     2020-06-22
Mechanical parts processing industry is the pillar industry of national economy, has a very considerable prospect. In mechanical manufacturing precision machinery parts processing factory, to processing technology, there are many requirements and regulations, to ensure that the percent of pass of outgoing parts. The vice jaw to take off and the other two M4 threaded hole processing, will be leveled thick 1 two pieces and jaw. 2, 5 mm steel plate with aluminum countersunk rivet rivet on the thickness of 0. 8 mm hard brass plate 3 to use the M4 countersunk screw fastening to the jaw, 1 form durable soft jaw. It also can protect the metal parts are not bad, are interchangeable. For a first clamping workpiece reorientation, because when the clamping is sure to workpiece deformation, therefore, should be first clamping and positioning, for 6 point positioning, seek to limit its degrees of freedom. When Allen wrench handle short, can't focus on the inner diameter can be slightly larger than the wrench pipe from a slot milling insert the wrench groove, but as a long handle. Machinery factory machinery manufacturing process, the error is mainly including the error of spindle, guide and transmission chain errors. The spindle rotation error refers to the actual rotary spindle each moment axis relative to the average amount of changes in the rotation axis, it will directly affect the machining precision. The main reason for the error of spindle has the alignment error of the spindle, the error of the bearing itself, alignment error between bearing and spindle wound degree, etc. Guide is on the machine tool benchmark to determine the relations of the relative location of each machine components, and machine tool movement benchmark. Guide itself manufacture error, the uneven wear of the guide rail and installation quality is one of the important factors causing error of guideway. On both ends of the transmission chain error is refers to the beginning and end of the transmission chain transmission components of relative motion between the error. It is by the transmission chain of each constituent in the manufacturing and assembly errors, and used in the process of wear and tear. Mechanical processing factory experience, points out that any cutting tool in cutting process is inevitable to produce wear and tear, and the resulting artifact size and shape to change. Cutting tool geometry error of precision machining error varies with the type of the cutting tool and the influence of different: using fixed size cutting tool machining, cutting tool will directly affect the manufacturing error of workpiece machining accuracy; For general tool, has no direct impact on the manufacturing error on precision machining error. Fixture's role is to make the workpiece is equivalent to cutting tool and machine tool has the correct position, so the fixture of geometric error of precision machining error ( Especially the position error) Has very big effect. Process system thermal deformation on the influence of processing error is large, especially in precision processing and bulk processing, sometimes can be caused by the thermal deformation of machining error is about 50% of the total error of workpiece.
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