The main purpose of the gear box and rapid development

by:NJPE     2020-07-01
Gear box can withstand forces from wind turbines when operating and produced in the reaction of gear transmission, to a certain extent, must want to have enough rigidity to the effect of tolerances, and torque, this can prevent the deformation, effectively ensure the quality of the transmission, the design of the gearbox casing should be arranged according to the layout of the wind turbine power transmission, processing and assembly conditions, convenient for inspection and maintenance requirements. Now with the rapid development of the gearbox industry now more and more industries and different enterprises can apply to the gear box, there are more and more enterprises in the gearbox industry to grow. Gear box according to the principle of the unit structure of the modular design, greatly reducing the types of components, suitable for mass production and flexible selection. Spiral bevel gear, helical gear speed reducer adopts high quality alloy steel carburizing and quenching, tooth surface hardness up to 60 plus or minus 2 HRC, tooth surface grinding accuracy as high as 5-6. The main purpose of the gear box 1. Acceleration deceleration, it is often said that the speed change gear box. 2. Change the direction of transmission, for example, we use two sector gear can be vertical force transfer to another axis of rotation. 3. Change the rotational torque, under the condition of equal power, the faster the speed of gear, shaft torque of the smaller, conversely. 4. Clutch function: we can separate the two meshing gears, achieve the goal of separate the motor and load. Such as brake clutch, etc. 5. Distribution of power. For example we can use an engine, gearbox spindle drive multiple from the axis, so as to realize the function of an engine to drive more load. Gear box of the normal work of lubrication system for gear box has the very vital significance, its large wind power gear box must be equipped with reliable forced lubrication system, the gear meshing area oil lubrication, bearings, etc. In the gear box failure reason, insufficient lubrication takes up more than half. Lubricating oil temperature is related to the component fatigue and the life of the whole system. — A gear box for normal work of the highest oil temperature should not exceed 80 ℃, the temperature difference between different bearing should not be more than 15 ℃. When the oil temperature higher than 65 ℃, the cooling system began to work; When the oil temperature is less than 10 ℃ starts, should first be heated to a temperature of lubricating oil due to temperature after the boot.
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