The more refined, the smaller process allowance!

by:NJPE     2020-07-07
The more refined, the smaller process allowance! Release date: 2019 08 - 19 21:46:52

the process of change from blank to finished product, in a process on the surface to remove the total thickness of metal layer called the table surface machining allowance. Each work procedure between the thickness of metal layer called resection by machining allowance. For the outside surface of the round hole and rotate, machining allowance from the consideration on the diameter, so called symmetric allowance ( Bilateral allowance) , that is, the actual removal of metal layer thickness is about half of the machining allowance on the diameter. Plane machining allowance is unilateral allowance, it is equal to the actual removal of metal layer thickness. On the workpiece for machining allowance is for the purpose of removal procedure to stay on the processing error and surface defects, such as chilled casting surface layer, porosity, sand inclusion, the oxide coating on the surface of the forging, the decarburization layer, surface crack, surface roughness and machining of internal stress after layer, etc. To improve the precision of the workpiece and the surface roughness. The size of the machining allowance have significant influence on the processing quality and production efficiency. allowance is too big, not only increased machining the amount of labor, reduces the productivity, and increased the materials, tools, and power consumption, improve the processing cost. If machining allowance is too small, it can not eliminate all the defects and working procedure in the error, and clamping can't compensate the machining error, cause waste. Its selection principle is on the premise of guarantee quality, make allowance for as little as possible. Generally speaking, the more refined, the smaller process allowance.

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