The principle of automobile mechanical parts processing is what!

by:NJPE     2020-06-26
The principle of automobile mechanical parts processing is what! Release date: 2019 05 - 24 17:54:23

auto mechanical parts processing: car milling precision machining is introduced in detail the principle of mechanical parts processing is under a lot of car, some detailed description of the structure, the key is one the inside structure of the car is not the same, but indispensable parts, such as transmission hardware configuration.

time-sharing four-wheel drive system in the middle of the front and rear tire no transfer case, relatively, they are locked up together, is advantageous for the front and rear tire turn at the same average rate. That is to say when quattro teeth fit this car can't turn on the concrete ground.

this paper will detail the car must be because of the transfer case, and the effect of differential and defects. People will also introduced several kind of anti-collision transfer case, also called limited slip differential. Why must transfer case? Wheels spinning rate is different, especially in the corner. In the animation below you can see the turn each wheels driving different spacing, and the side wheels than wheels driving distance short on both sides. Because rate is equivalent to driving way based on the cost of a journey time, thus driving way shorter wheels driving rate is low.

a produce a lot of work pressure. What is a transfer case? Transfer case is diesel engine torque according to the two bearing separation machinery and equipment, to allow each time the output torque is rotating at different rate.

now all cars or trucks in the above configuration transfer case, some all-wheel drive the car, Full-time four-wheel drive) Also the configuration transfer case. The all-wheel drive the among a group of driving wheels of the car must be a transfer case, and in the middle of the front and rear tire must also one, because before the turn tire vehicle spacing is different from rear tire.

small mechanical parts processing is already consistency, this is a practical technical to broad the car produced Christ, not easy due to no spare parts in trouble again.

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