The processing of precision parts is quite good, and after watching the video, people are moved to learn more

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
A TV series 'all good' that was very popular some time ago, in episode 35th, Su Mingyu was in the section of Xiao Meng, and the science that was caught off guard popularized our manufacturing industry (Precision parts processing)Economic status. Zhongcheng in the play is a machine tool manufacturing quasi-listed company. Although the current core technology comes from foreign countries, as long as it is hard enough, it can be achieved by the latecomers, we can break foreign restrictions on our country's core technologies. In particular, Su Mingyu said, 'the machine tool industry is strong, the industry is strong, and the industry is strong. ' At the same time, we also understand the drama. In fact, there is still a certain gap between China's industrial development and European and American countries. From the above chart, the value utilization of industrial big data in the industrial field is limited, but from the intelligent manufacturing and industry 4 in recent years. The introduction of the concept of development has promoted the intelligent development of China's traditional manufacturing industry. From small auto parts to large rocket space shuttle, many parts of these things need machine tools to participate in the manufacture. Our country's machine tool manufacturing relies on introduction, imitation and transcendence. Although we have some high-precision machine tools that need to be imported from developed countries such as Germany and Japan, we have already caught up. If the machinery industry is strong, the industry is strong, and if the industry is strong, the country is strong. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force in creating GDP. The state has a series of favorable policies to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce taxes by 3% in manufacturing industry, and intelligently transform factories. This has passed on the country's determination to develop and transform industrial manufacturing. It is foreseeable that China's industrial development is promising. Nanjing Precision Engineering Co. , Ltd is a precision machinery processing factory, focusing on precision parts processing, belonging to the manufacturing and processing industry. With the development of the network and the maturity of mechanical processing technology, the more transparent the OEM price is, the more intense the competition is, machinery and hardware manufacturers need to invest a lot of resources to update and maintain equipment every day to maintain their normal production. With the increase of labor costs, enterprises have already made small profits, so they have to upgrade, in combination with the transformation of national policies, we can gain favor and gain more market opportunities. Finally attached to this video, after listening to the audience also said: long knowledge!
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