The safety of the nc boring machine operation procedures include what?

by:NJPE     2020-06-21
Nc boring machine safety operation procedures including what content? What is the need to follow? Now is to introduce its safety operation procedures, in order to have better knowledge of nc boring machine. The nc boring machine safety operation procedures are the ( 1) Comply with the milling boring work general safety operation procedures. Wear labor protection articles according to the rules. ( 2) Check the operating handle, switch, knob, clamp mechanism, hydraulic piston connection is in correct position, operation is flexible, whether complete, reliable safety guard. ( 3) Check the machine shaft within the scope of effective operation with obstacles. ( 4) It is forbidden to super performance using machine tools. According to the workpiece material selection reasonable cutting speed and feed. ( 5) When loading and unloading heavy workpieces, must according to the weight and shape workpiece choose reasonable spreader and hoisting method. ( 6) Spindle rotation, when the mobile, it is forbidden to touch the spindle and tool installed at the end of the spindle. ( 7) Replacing tool, you must stop, confirmed to change, change when should pay attention to the blade or the handle. ( 8) Prohibit trample equipment guideway and paint surface or item is placed on them. It is forbidden to tapping or straightening the workpiece on the workbench. ( 9) After the new artifacts in the input process, must check the correctness of the program, the simulation to run the program is correct, without the test does not allow for automatic cycle operation, in order to prevent the machine down. ( 10) Using radial cutting tool rest alone, the swing should be the boring bar back to zero, and then use M43 to swing in the MDA manner way, if U axis to move, you must make sure U axis manual clamping device has loosened. ( 11) Rotary table is needed in work, shall ensure that the rotation will not run into other parts of the machine tool, also can't meet other objects around the machine. ( 12) Machine is running, forbid to touch rotating shaft, polished rod, the spindle, swing around the plate, the operator may not stay on the moving parts of machine tools. ( 13) Machine tool operation, the operator is allowed to leave work without authorization or client care. ( 14) The abnormal phenomena in the operation of the machine tool and noise, should immediately stop, find out the reason, handle in time. ( 15) When the machine tool spindle box, the workbench is in or near the limit position, the operator shall not enter the following areas: a. Main shaft between the bottom surface and lathe bed; b。 Between work and boring axis; c。 Reach out with boring axis lathe bed or between countertops; d。 The workbench movement between with spindle box; e. Boring axis rotation, between cylinder and tank wall and back; f。 Between the workbench and before the main column; g。 Other areas that could cause extrusion. ( 16) Machine shutdown, should be the workbench to the middle, boring bar back, and then exit the operating system, and finally cut off power supply. Unless noted, original articles for citizen machinery nc precision machining center, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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