The structure of double housing planer principle, the movement form and requirements

by:NJPE     2020-07-02
Double housing planer is a kind of machine tool, in the large mechanical processing, is very common, it can be used to planing large artifacts, or planing for the multiple artifacts, so to production and processing has brought great convenience, today we know it well, the following will be introduced from several aspects, specific content is imminent, do pay attention! 1. Structure principle of double housing planer movement is the movement of the workbench, the workbench is commonly with the artifacts as a straight line reciprocating movement, and the cutter is horizontal or vertical intermittent movement, so its head can movement in horizontal and vertical direction. In addition, the double housing planer is driven by dc motor, and can be stepless speed regulation, so its movement is very smooth. 2. Form of double housing planer movement forms are: the main motion and the feed movement and the supplementary motor, main movement refers to the workbench, feed movement refers to the tool post, auxiliary motion is refers to the adjustment of the tool. 3. Process characteristics and its requirements on automatic control system for reversible: processing, workbench repeated movement; When work, workbench using the planing process; Returns, workbench is empty return. Speed range: the cutting speed of the determinants of double housing planer are: cutting conditions, cutting tool and workpiece material. Workbench for different jobs, the best cutting speed should be different, so it should have corresponding different speed, can adjust. Static difference: surface if uneven, or material is not very uniform, the cutting force causes fluctuation, resulting in a static difference degree. If the fluctuation is very big, so will affect the precision machining accuracy and surface finish. Quickness: refers to the workbench starting and braking process of positive and negative direction faster, parking quickly, in order to improve the production efficiency. Have certain interlock protection: mainly in order to ensure the normal order of the double housing planer can reliable operation and protection measures or interlock protection device. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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