The surface treatment technology of precision machinery parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-07-08
Precision machinery parts processing, the demands on strength and toughness is higher, its working performance and service life and its performance has a great deal of contact surface, the surface performance of ascension, is can't just rely on material, is also very uneconomical practice, but in the actual processing must make its performance up to standard, at this moment need surface treatment technology. Mold polishing technology in the field of mold surface treatment is a very important link, also is the important technology in the process of workpiece processing. Precision machinery parts processing and surface treatment technology in the process of precision machining is very important, it is important to remind that work precision parts of mold surface polishing treatment, not only receive the technological process and the influence of polishing equipment, at the same time also will be affected by the degree of parts material mirror, this point in the processing of now did not get enough attention, this also shows that the polishing itself is affected by the material. Although now to improve the surface performance of the precision parts processing technology unceasing innovation to upgrade, but used in precision parts processing more is mainly for hardening film deposition, and nitriding and carburizing technology. Because of nitriding technology can obtain a high level of surface performance, and technology of nitriding process with precision parts of steel quenching process has a very high consistency. Nitriding temperature is very low, so after treated with nitriding technique does not require the fierce cooling process, the deformation is very small, so the precision parts in and nitriding technology is used to strengthen the surface performance on precision machinery parts processing, one of the early technology is widely used at present.
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