The teacher may not have taught you the three main functions of cutting fluid in precision parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-01-21
Cutting fluid has three main functions of cooling, lubricating and cleaning in the process of precision parts processing. Cooling: the vaporization effect of cutting fluid at the contact point between the cutter and the workpiece during the machining of precision parts can take away the cutting heat from the junction of the cutter and the workpiece and take away most of the heat in the machining process, reducing the indirect contact temperature between the cutter and the workpiece not only prolongs the service life of the cutter, but also prevents the precision error caused by overheating deformation of the workpiece and the cutter. Lubrication: during the cutting process, the cutting fluid can penetrate between the workpiece and the cutter, reducing the friction between the cutter and the chip and the machined surface, and forming a thin adsorption film in the tiny gap between the chip and the cutter, the friction coefficient is reduced, the temperature of the friction part between the tool and the workpiece and the wear degree of the tool are reduced, the cutting force and cutting heat are reduced, the wear of the tool is reduced, and the accuracy of the workpiece is improved. Cleaning: during the processing of precision parts, cutting fluid is often required to have a good cleaning effect and is responsible for cleaning fine chips, iron powder and sand dust generated during the processing, permeability and cleaning performance are one of the important standards that depend on the excellent cutting fluid. http://www . aamfg. com. Cn/the above article comes from Nanjing Precision Engineering Co. , Ltd the above pictures and texts are searched on the internet. If the copyright of the work is involved, please inform us at the first time. We will confirm the copyright according to the supporting materials you provide and delete the content immediately! CNC precision parts processing
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