To the requirement of machining precision machinery plant

by:NJPE     2020-07-05
Mechanical processing plant stress should satisfy certain precision mechanical processing, is refers to the steel after the precision machining of main geometry parameters and parts drawings actually required by the ideal value consistent level. While not consistent level among them, called processing deviation. Mechanical processing factory production and processing precision includes three aspects: on the one hand is specifications precision, limited production and processing surface between the standard deviation does not exceed standard specifications must be category; Like geometry precision on the other hand, limited production and processing the surface of the macroeconomic geometry appearance deviation, such as roundness, cylindricity, straightness and parallelism. And on the other hand, is each other parts precision limited mechanical processing plant production and processing each other parts of the surface between the standard deviation, such as coaxial degree, flatness and parallel degree, etc. Production and processing is a production and processing precision of parts after surface specifications, appearance, actually part of the specified several main parameters of geometry and engineering drawing of main parameters of idealized geometry level. Idealized geometries of the main parameters, for specifications, mean average specifications; For surface geometry appearance, it is said the circle, cylinder, floor plan, spherical and parallel lines, etc. ; For each other parts of the surface layer in the middle, it is said the parallel surface, vertical, coaxial output, symmetry, etc. Mechanical processing factory production parts, in fact main geometric parameters and idealized geometry offset values is called the production processing deviation of main parameters. Production and processing precision and the production processing deviation all comments on main parameters, production, processing and surface geometry of the professional term. Production and processing precision with tolerance level, level value is smaller, its precision is higher; Production and processing deviation expressed in values, the values, the greater the its deviation.
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