Types and applications of 'Taps' for precision parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-01-23
Tap is one of the standard tools for precision parts to process cylindrical and conical internal threads. Its structure is simple and easy to use, so it is widely used. The basic profile of tap is a screw, there are grooves in the longitudinal direction to form cutting edges and chip tolerance grooves. There are many types of taps, which can be divided into the following types according to their unused uses and structures: 1. Hand taps: hand taps are often used in single or small batch production, its tail is a square head round handle. The hand taps are generally made up of two or three, which are processed in turn for processing internal threads. 2. Machine tap: the shape of the machine tap is the same as that of the hand tap, but the tooth shape needs to be shoveled and ground. Due to the large power and good guidance of the machine tool, a single cone is commonly used to tap the thread, but when the processing diameter is large, for workpieces with high material hardness or toughness, two or three sets of tapping threads are also used. 3. Nut Taps: Nut Taps are divided into three categories: short handle, long handle and curved handle. They are all made into single cones, which are specially used for processing nuts. Nut taps can be used in ordinary machine tools and automatic machine tools, with high productivity. 4. Content chip tap: the core of the content tap has chip-containing holes, and the cutting cone has several impassable grooves to improve the cutting performance and chip removal performance, it is suitable for precision parts to process large diameter and high precision holes. 5. Tapered thread tap: Tapered thread tap has good sealing performance and can compensate diameter error with axial displacement, so it is widely used in pipe joint processing, with tooth angle of 55 and 60, when processing conical threads, the cutting force is relatively large, and the torque increases with the increase of the depth of the tap cutting into the workpiece. It is generally used for maneuvering. In order to prevent the torque from breaking the tap, a safety device is often used in cutting. 6. Extrusion tap: extrusion tap is a tap without chip groove. It uses the principle of plastic deformation to process threads. Its main feature is high processing precision of thread precision parts, the surface roughness value is small, the tap has long service life, high strength, high speed thread tapping, high productivity, but it is difficult to manufacture and suitable for processing various plastic materials. 7. Pin-pulling tap: the working part of the pin-pulling tap is a spiral groove tap, which has high productivity, convenient operation, stable workpiece dimensional accuracy and surface roughness value up to Ra1. 6 ~ 0. 8μm, trapezoidal, rectangular single thread and multi-thread internal thread can be processed. The material of the above article comes from the internet. If there is any copyright issue, please contact and change it in time!
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