We should be how to fix CNC machine? How to start?

by:NJPE     2020-06-23
Nc machine tool, because of its use a lot, especially in CNC precision machining center, so its maintenance, is also very important, also is a technology, to learn and master, not a little sloppy. That, we should be how to fix the numerical control machine tool? Can from the following several aspects to expand, and attach machine images, as follows: 1. See nc data as much as possible to understand a variety of the function of the numerical control system, PLC programmable controller, programming method and the language, as well as various types of machine tools, familiar with all kinds of control panel to learn. Looking at the data at the same time, seize the key and main, the basic composition and structure of numerical control system to know well, because of all kinds of machine tools, some knowledge is the same, we can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. 2. See electrical diagrams on the electrical diagram, can identify the electrical components. In addition, each country, for electrical symbols, have different regulations and standards, so pay attention. And, to understand their role and context, if the drawings is more complex, so should be broken down. 3. More foreign language, in order to improve their reading ability is a qualified maintenance personnel, in terms of language, should have a certain ability. Often watch some foreign language information, can improve their language ability, and can get some latest technology. 4. To ask more, ask more machine malfunction, the whole process of breakdown to ask, don't ask, or just literally ask, so that tends to produce wrong judgment, not only will not solve the problem, it will in fact compound the problem, and expanded. So, ask the detail, after a full investigation, to correctly and quickly solve the problem. 5. Think much, many practical problems, want to think more, avoid falling into inertia, enumerates all the possible reasons, to rule out one by one, can't take it for granted. At the same time, can according to the frequency of failure, repeatability, careful to do a good job of spare parts, encounter. Maintenance, want to come, dare to begin, but not blindly, should be familiar with the situation before you start work. Fault not sure if for some reason, so a variety of methods should be adopted to determine. In addition, we also can be used to some instruments to the fault detection, helps to analyze and solve the fault, especially some complex problems. Unless specify, original articles for citizen machinery, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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