What about frequent mold failures? NJPE, a precision mold manufacturer, will solve your problems!

by:NJPE     2020-01-29
In the history of the development of modern manufacturing industry, moulds play an irreplaceable and important role. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the continuous exploration of moulds into high-tech and advanced fields has also made remarkable achievements in succession. However, mold manufacturers in the traditional form still cannot completely avoid the risk of mold failure in mass production. Behind the frequent shutdown and shutdown, the manufacturing cost of precision molds is quietly rising, which makes the managers of manufacturing enterprises not very headache. In the final analysis, whether stable mass production can be achieved is closely related to the precision and quality of the mold. NJPE precision mould is a Sino-Japanese joint venture precision mould manufacturer specializing in precision mould production and manufacturing. It has 30 years of design experience and a design and research team of 150 people, more than 200 sets of high-precision processing equipment imported from Japan, with rigorous and meticulous Japanese management and whole-process quality control, make the product batch pass rate reach 100%. In 2014, NJPE moulds achieved a production volume of more than 2000 sets per year and a sales volume of more than 0. 3 billion sets per year, and won the trust of many top 500 enterprises through complaints after retail. Take honesty as the basis and make a soul with precision. Choose NJPE, choose quality assured, really let production failure no longer bother you! For more information, please visit www. gd-mold. com. Cn learn more or directly click on the precision mold manufacturing online customer service consultation. How to reduce the cost of automobile moulds? See how BMW customers choose! Why does Gree Electric Appliance customize precision moulds to love NJPE alone?
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