What are the auto parts machining?

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What are the auto parts precision machining? Release date: 2019 05 - 24 17:37:30

mechanical parts processing: car milling machine processing, car, enough to produce an integral components one by one point. Auto parts should be speaking, like a small screw is the same with devices, lack of certain key components, can not be crucial. Therefore, in the car, car parts, it is very critical. But for auto parts, many cross major staff are not very know, only know some external components can be used to. Today, therefore, the key of the people daily task is to make the car milling machine processing staff let us read a second key auto parts have?

usually, auto parts or the main purpose of all is according to the different parts to categorize, so now people are never the same classified training to learn the car parts.

the braking system of spare parts

brake shoe, brake disc, brake pads, brake drums, refrigeration compressor, his brake assembly, brake pedal, brake master cylinder, brake pump, electric pump, brake system engine camshaft, tellurium pin roller braking system, brake system, brake system slack adjusters, brake system, vacuum booster, hand brake his, his parking brake, etc.

system of transmission parts

to shift handles his transmission, speed, speed reducer, clutch, pneumatic, pneumatic tools, permanent magnetic material, universal ball, the ball cage, clutch plate, transfer, synchronizer, retarder, synchronizer ring, synchronous belt, the transfer case, the differential shell, transfer case plate Angle gear, planetary gear, wheel frame, flange, reducer, intermediate shaft, gear, gear lever fork, drive shaft assembly, rotating shaft flange, belt, etc.

bodywork and note

wiper car windshields belts and airbags dashboard mesa electrostatic induction with static eliminator wireless antenna and so on and so on.

move system parts

car rear axle, air suspension system, balance weight, thick steel plate, tires, steel plate spring, half shaft, shock absorber, rims, his half shaft anchor bolt, bridge shell, chassis assembly, the luntai, front axle assembly

auto exterior trim

car carpet ( MATS) Steering wheel steering wheel power ball curtain cloth, the sun gear and so on and so on.

in there above parts, I remember now is how much? Don't think I'll study after the training of auto parts, I think there are also many, people will follow car milling machine processing staff learning again! Comprehensive spare parts

spring plastic adhesive, sealant, the accessory tools cars and so on and so on.

auto refitting

the tire pump, small roof rack, top tank car, electric winch, car cushion, panoramic sunroof, sound-absorbing materials, bumper, fixed wing, fenders, exhaust pipe, economizer

security anti-theft

a steering wheel lock, wheel lock, alarm, the mirror, rear view system software, cameras, safety belt, driving recorder, central lock, GPS, ABS, reversing radar, lock gear

audio video appliances

the tire pressure monitoring system decoder display car radios and so on and so on.

home appliances dashboard system parts

controller, auto lamps and lanterns, buzzer, spark plug, battery, wiring harness, automotive relays, speakers, alarm system, regulator, distributor, starter ( Motor) , any experence, automobile instrument, power switch, insurance, glass elevator, generator, ignition coil, igniter thermostat

engine accessories

the throttle body, diesel engine, engine assembly, start the motor, nozzle, when tight round, cylinder block, piston pin, the centrifugal water pump, gasoline and diesel gushing, sealing gaskets, engine camshaft, cylinder, transmission shaft, crankshaft his, piston rod, transmission belt, muffler, carburetor, automobile fuel tank, small water tanks, fans, sealing ring, heat pipe radiator, filter

equipment repair,

sheet metal pieces of machinery and equipment cleaning equipment down the tire machine calibration instrument and so on and so on. Pneumatic tool

electric punching and shearing, hot air guns, electric jack, electric wrench.

car milling machine processing staff said, the parts of the car so much, not usually people can know clearly. People as usually cross major staff, I think no need all remember these parts, only one must have a probably know. Lest your car out of the difficult problem that time is not how to work with maintenance personnel to describe the problem of car!

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